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Steve: Happy Day`s!

Steve`s 50th Birthday party...

 ...Thats all Folks!

Eddie (Knock on Wood) Floyd with Steve

Capital Roadshow, Walthamstow.

Jeff Hearne with Steve

Scarcely matters and the Ardly worthit trio.

This man stole my daughter and then demanded. what time dinner was!

Garry U. S. Bonds. Great Singer.. Backstage Albert Hall.

This is Pete the Roadie (for Widowmaker) and Burt the dummy . (Fact: on occasion Burt had his own room in hotels).

Miami Steve van Zandt. (Visit his target=_blank>Site).

Paul Weller after recording Charity CD for target=_blank>NSPCC with Steve.


Left: Andy Fairweather (superb guitarist/singer/songwriter), Centre: Barry Ryan, Right: Yours Truly.

Messing about on Daltrey`s Farm, 1968 (Roger nicked the idea for his woodstock stage suit, which has now become legendary, from me - the dodgepot! Connie`s, Ealing.)

Ellis, Weller and Cradock - Fairfield Hall, Croydon.

The Lonsdale Trio! Dean Powell, Roger Daltrey and me!

Steve with Daughter, British Karate Champion

Sensei Joe Robinson and Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki,. 8th Dan Hanshi (Steve`s former instructors)>

Caister with Frank Connor Junior on Guitar

Rave! 1969 Christmas Edition.. Fairweather, Frampton, Rossi & Steve.

Crimewatch UK - Have you seen these men?!