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The Hideout Sessions

Steve and the band recording (or not!) at Graham and Ash`s studio in Market Harborough. Great people, great studio. Album in progress... when we`re allowed out! Photos: Ed Houghton

Job`s a goodun!

Ash and Steve listening to play back (Ash - top engineer with a big future)

Mixing tracks

It`s that old Leroy Smile again! (Lead Guitar)

Steve and Gray (Hideout Studio Owner)

Charisma takes Steve for a ride in his new car

I`m not short - They`re just tall! Must be something in the water in Birmingham!

Charisma, Dave, Frogman & Steve have a break

Steve and Glen working on backing vocals

Glenn puts on Solo

Frogman and Steve - kippa tie and a fag break!

Curly (inside!)

Curly (outside)


Listening to Playback