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Modern World Gallery Opening

On Saturday, 26th June, Neil Sykes opened the Modern Gallery for business. The opening was attended by Steve (photos) and DJ Loz - spinning tunes, and was a complete success.

You can see more on the gallery here.

Here are some photos from the opening:

Lee and Jane set off for the Modern World Gallery

Neil and Debbie in Gallery

Neil`s Lyric - All Night Long

Debbie Wolff - PR girl

Loz inside gallery

Anne & Shannon

Neil Sykes himself

Brian Bell on the right aka. Charlie McQuaker. New book Die Hard Mod available at Waterstones.

Belfast skin-heads! Charlie McQuaker my arse!

Nice mini

Various Scooters


Look left, look right.

Shop front

Loz - top mate and DJ. Busy DJ-ing!

Balloons a-go-go!

Hoist the main sail!

Brian Bell after reading of his book

Charlie and the chaps

Thank you, and good night!