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Gone But Not Forgotten

Mike Smith (left) Record Producer for LOVE AFFAIR/Georgie Fame/The Marmalade & a host of others. Quote from Steve - Mike was a great guy & produced some 60`s classics with Mike Ross Engineering

Davy Jones - Actor & singer with THE MONKEES. Quote from Steve: A lovely guy & a good footballer,we did some charity matches together.

Bert Jansch - Major Talent. Inspiration to many guitar players worldwide

Reggie King. Great singer from The Action. . <font size=-2>(Image courtesy of target=_blank>The Cornershop of Man)</font>

Richie Hayward. World class drummer and all round great guy.

Edris Fatar (centre). So sad the belated news. A smile that could light a room.

Wee Clerky aka Carol Clerk. Lifelong friend. Much missed.

Gus Yeadon (2nd from left). Sad news - Gus recently passed away. Gus joined Lova Affair. after Steve left at Christmas 1969, at which point the band changed it`s name to LA.. The band would split up a year later.

John Weller.  A Gentleman

Mike Smith.  Dave Clarke Five

The late John Entwistle with Keith

Steve Marriott. (with Mum Kay). Great Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist

Steve with `Smiler` - look out for his new book. on Mod Culture.

Desmond Dekker. Forerunner for Reggae and a Great artist

Keith Moon. Funniest man I ever knew. Best Rock n` Roll drummer ever.

Ronnie Lane. All round nice guy. Gifted song writer and musician.

Paul Amey. Friend and Driver. Made liberty taking an art form!

Mike Mann. One of lifes gentlemen. Also actor and comedian.

Laurie O`Leary. Best Mate, Manager, Author and Agent. Loved by Many

The late Jamie Barnard (L) with Dylan Amey and. Danny Lyons - Formerly SPG

Jimmy McCulloch. Mate and great guitar player

Chas Chandler (Far Left). Steves manager 1971-73


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