Steve Ellis: Timeline

April 7: Stephen John Ellis born in Edgware, London.

Steve Ellis joins the Soul Survivors.

The Soul Survivors become Love Affair - nearly two years afterforming.

February: "She Smiled Sweetly" released on Decca.

December: "Everlasting Love" released. It was writtenby Buzz Cason and Mac Gayden, and originally recorded by RobertKnight. The Love Affair version was produced by Mike Smith andarranged by Keith Mansfield at CBS.

February 3: "Everlasting Love" at number 1 in theUK charts. Love Affair later achieve lasting notoriety by admitting,live on TV, that they didn`t play on the record: apart fromSteve`s vocals, the producer had used session musicians, a commonpractice at this time.

April: "Rainbow Valley" released; it subsequentlyreaches No. 5.

Summer: Love Affair become one of the first bands to embarkon a commercially-sponsored tour (with Yardley).

September: "A Day Without Love" released; it reachesNo. 6.

October: Love Affair win the title of "Best New Band"at the NME Pollwinners` Concert.

December: "The Everlasting Love Affair" album released.CBS don`t appear to have promoted it with any real enthusiasm,despite the fact that the singles were outselling everyone exceptthe Beatles.

February: "One Road" released (to No. 16).

July: "Bringing On Back The Good Times" released(to No. 9). Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.

During this period (`68-`69) the band play on package toursalongside Status Quo, the Paper Dolls, Gene Pitney, Terry Reid,Marmalade, the Tremeloes, Geno Washington, Amen Corner, Herman`sHermits and others.

October: "Baby I Know" released.

December: tired of the frantic touring and citing "personaldifferences", Steve announces he`s leaving Love Affair.However he stays with CBS, on their Epic label. (CBS will havedropped Love Affair by 1971.)

April 10: the Beatles disband.

Steve contributes to the soundtrack of the motion picture "Loot".

Steve guests on the albums of various friends, including PeterBarden`s "The Answer" (featuring one Peter Green onguitar).

Steve signs to a new manager, Chas Chandler. Chas was the bassplayer in the Animals, and had more recently masterminded JimiHendrix` career. Steve releases "Take Your Love".

August: "Hold On" released.

Steve assembles a new band, called simply Ellis (later the EllisGroup), with Zoot Money, Nick South, Andy Gee and Dave Lutton.They release their first album, "Riding on the Crest ofa Slump", produced by Roger Daltrey.

Ellis release their second LP, "Why Not?", producedby Mike Vernon.

Steve finds himself under pressure from Epic to stay on as asolo act, but to "lose the band". Instead he joinshard rockers Widowmaker alongside Luther Grosvenor (aka ArielBender, ex-Spooky Tooth, Mott the Hoople), Huw Lloyd Langton(ex-Hawkwind) and Paul Nichols (ex-Lindisfarne). They sign toJet, owned by the notorious Don Arden.

Widowmaker tour with the Who, and with ELO in the USA, andrelease their first eponymous album. Live, the band rocks; backstage,they fight tooth and nail. Meanwhile, punk is happening. Unableto ignore the warning signs, Steve quits.

Steve signs to Ariola, and records a solo album, "TheLast Angry Man". The album is shelved after disputes betweenthe producers, but two singles, "Soothe Me" and "Ragand Bone", are released.

Exhausted, Steve moves south to Brighton to take time out fromthe excesses of rock`n`roll (he`s been teetotal since 1978).To get fit he starts work as a docker.

An accident with some 2-ton forklift truck blades leads to eightyears in and out of hospital to mend Steve`s mashed feet. Learningto walk again takes him until 1988.

Steve co-writes an album for the German band Scarlet, and guestson lead vocals. He also begins to stockpile new songs.

An unrelated band is out on the pub circuit, calling itselfLove Affair. (There have been a number of fake Love Affairsover the years.) Partly as a quality-control measure, but mainlyin response to demand, Steve forms Steve Ellis` Love Affair.The reformed Love Affair aren`t just a sixties retro outfit;they rock! Steve enjoys playing live again for the first timein almost seven years.

The band starts a relentless touring schedule which lasts throughto 1998.

Two hours after being asked to do so by an agent, Steve Ellis`Love Affair record a live album in Scotland, and, adding somestudio demos, release it as "Plugged In - Live at the Cavendish".It`s intended as a budget album.

The band continue gigging throughout the UK, along with theoccasional excursion into e.g. Belgium where they play to astadium on live TV, as part of a sixties convention.

January 26: Steve and the band appear at the first annual SmallFaces Convention, organised by John Hellier, Dean Powell, andSteve. All profits go towards Multiple Sclerosis research, fromwhich Ronnie Lane of the Small Faces is suffering. Mike Mann(Love Affair keyboards) insists on playing as usual, despitehaving been diagnosed as suffering from cancer just a fortnightearlier.

June 1: Mike Mann dies of cancer.

June 4: Ronnie Lane dies, aged 51, after a 20-year battle againstMultiple Sclerosis.

September 14: Steve appears again at the Ruskin Arms, thistime as a tribute to Ronnie Lane. He also dedicates "TinSoldier" to Mike Mann, adding "he had balls of steel- I will miss him very much indeed".

Iain Dunnet has taken over as keyboard player.

February: the band release "Step Inside My Love" forthe NSPCC. The song was written by Steve and Rex Brayley, theoriginal Love Affair`s guitarist, and features Paul Weller onlead guitar.

March 13: Steve makes a cameo appearance on Top of the Pops- alongside the "staff" of Casualty (a UK TV hospitaldrama series) covering "Everlasting Love"!

April: Record Collector magazine publishes an article on LoveAffair and an interview with Steve.

May 9: Steve appears again at the annual Small Faces Conventionat the Ruskin Arms with long-time friend PP Arnold.

Summer: Steve is working on a new album entitled "PavementArena". It features the band with guests including NigelGlockler (Saxon, Toyah etc), Rory Cameron, and Sam Smith.

Steve Fairhead has taken over guitar duties from Mick Kane,who`s become a father and has his hands full.

November 28: the first version of the Steve Ellis website appears,as a guest site on the Dunnet Wright Music site.

Spring: work continues on the new album. Steve slows down onthe touring circuit, partly because of the recording, and partlybecause of ongoing knee problems which will need another operation.

Summer: the new album is finished!!! Work switches to post-productionduties, and sorting out effective distribution etc.

Sony have announced that they plan to release a new compilationof Love Affair tracks in the New Year. The tracklist will includeA-sides, B-sides, and some rarities and obscurities.

July/August: "Everlasting Love" is being used ina joint TV ad by McDonalds & Coca Cola.

September 6: the official Steve Ellis domain and website isdeclared open for business.

Spring: Steve has another operation on his knee. The new CDrelease continues to be delayed.

Summer: Angel Air Records release a Love Affair CD, "NoStrings".

October 10: The online shop is now open.

February: Angel Air Records release "The Last Angry Man",a mere 23 years after it was recorded... The CD is availablefrom our online shop.

April 20: Steve Marriott Memorial Concert:Steve Ellis joins a glittering array of Steve Marriott aficionadosfor a rocking tribute to the much-missed mod. See the WappingWharf write-up for some highlights of the evening.

December 6: Paul Weller invites Steve Ellis and Steve Cradockon stage at the Fairfield Hall for guest appearances culminatingin Paul`s acoustic version of "Everlasting Love".A great time was had, particularly by Paul and the two Steves,good friends for over a decade. See the Friends & colleaguessection of the Gallery for photos from the evening.

January: There has been a veritable plethora of Steve Ellisreleases lately:

Edinburgh Live `95 (Angel Air Records)
"Loot" original film soundtrack (RPM Records)
"Best of the Good Times" (Columbia)
More information on these releases on our discography page.

May: A gig at Penningtons, Bradford, is filmed for a DVD releasefrom Angel Air - later named "Last Tango in Bradford".

January: Steve has been voted into a hall of fame and has aplaque in the Brighton Marina "Walk of Fame" alongsideother stars with Brighton connections: The Who, Lord Olivierand Norman Cook to name a few... Steve bemused but delightedwith the honour.

There`s been another batch of Steve Ellis releases:

"Singles A`s & B`s" (Acadia/Evangeline ACA8031):Love Affair `66 to `71. Includes some early solo stuff by Steve.
"Straight Faced Fighters" Widowmaker 1st album and"Live at the Paris Theatre" 2 CD set (Sanctuary CMDDD586).
"Last Tango in Bradford" DVD (Angel Air Records NJPDVD604).Available from our online shop.
"Mustn`t Grumble" (Sanctuary SANCD112): Steve MariottTribute Show, April 2001.

April 8: Steve performs with a host of old mates & reprobatesat the Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.(See Steve`s comments on the RonnieLane Memorial Concert page.)

"The Everlasting Love Affair" album released on Repertoire(RES2312). This is in digipack format and can be obtained fromRepertoiredirect.

New album finally compelted, and scheduled for release. Showcasegig at Concorde 2,Brighton, proved to be a big success. (Clickhere for photographs).

February: Steve`s son taken unexpectedly ill, putting all projectson hold, for two years.

Meanwhile, "Riding on the Crest of a Slump", by Ellis,is released on Acadia(ACA8101). This includes El Doomo, which is apparentlymuch sought after.

"Loot`s the Root" / "The Undertaker Song"re-issued on Liquorice Soul Records.

The recent album (delayed from 2005), is ready for releaseand a suitable label is currently being sought.